Benifits Of Hibernate ORM

The Benifits of ORM (Object Relational Mapping) is as follows.

1. It reduces the development time/cost.
2. It speeds up the development.
3. It provides us with portability. Hibernate supports multiple databases. so there is no need to write database-specific code. This is a useful feature, generally all databases have their own syntax made up of Data Definition Language (DDL) or Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements. If we used JDBC for querying & persisting data, we would need to rewrite a database-specific code as our database is changed. In this regard hibernate gets rid of developer's headache by handling this issue.

How hibernate handles different databases syntaxes?

1. With the help of dialect hibernate achieves this type of functionality. The implementation of dialect class is provided by the database provider to inform hibernate about the syntax of their particular database.

Benifits of Hibernate ORM:

1. Code reusablity.
2. Transaction Management.
3. Efficient Collection/custom classes mapping.
4. The caching mechanism supported by hibernate.